Mum arrested incestuous sex session plan with minor

A mom is being held in police custody for allegedly trying to coax her daughter into a sick three-way with her and a bloke, Daily star reported.

Cops in the US state of Louisiana claim Mamie Harris was trying to set-up the incestuous sex session with the 15-year-old to earn some extra cash.

Local television station WAFB has reported police have evidence that the 39-year-old first approached her daughter about a potential threesome when she was aged 14.

Cops say the teen allegedly said to her mother she would not have sex with them

The girl claimed her mum then told her: “You know we need the money.”

She also alleged there was another incident in which Harris and the same man made indecent approaches to her.

The girl stated Harris and him previously walked into her bedroom stark naked and said they wanted to have sex in there.

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