Music platform AfroCharts unveils its new Brand Ambassador

AfroCharts has announced that Kenyan model and Miss East Africa Kenya Nzisa Matulu will be their new brand ambassador.

AfroCharts is a music platform that allows artists to upload their music directly without the assistance of middleman or record labels.

Speaking Wednesday at a Nairobi Hotel, Matulu said that artists are able to sell and monetize their music directly to their fans without looking for a music distributor.

She at the same time stated that AfroCharts is giving musicians a greater chance for their music to get discovered, adding that other platforms only gave African music and artists a chance to appear on their playlists.

“AfroCharts will pay artists according to every play and no one can upload your music, cue or even play it offline when you have set it on purchase,” said Matulu.

She insisted that AfroCharts only earned when the artist is earning too, adding that the platform is free for all artists to upload their music.

“The platform will take 20 percent of the total income from artists, who also have a chance of making money by selling their Extended Play (EP) before release with AfroChart,” she added.

Matulu emphasized that artists have a dashboard that would allow them to see how their music is growing in terms of number of streams.

“Artists are given a priority to see how their music is doing in terms of revenue and statistics, so that they can understand the processes of the music business,” she affirmed.

AfroCharts platform allows music lovers to stream, download and share African music through its website or mobile application.