Muthomi secures Job with Chandaria

Patrick Muthomi, who earlier won the internet debate after he went for ‘public display’ of his need to earn money from an accountant job if he was offered one finally has something to smile at.

The 28-year-old university graduate has finally landed himself a job.

August 10th he took to Thika Highway on carrying a placard showing his qualifications and his contact information. His plea was simple, “please give me a job.”

He reported to have received numerous calls and several within first two hours, some congratulating him for his ‘bold’ move while others meant business.

Hi recalls that when he used the Ksh 1,200 to prepare a placard his wife was shocked and could not believe something good could come out of that.

His dream to become an accountant came to fulfillment when Muthomi numerous phone calls from potential employees asking him to send through his CV and finally But it was Chandaria Industries, located in Ruaraka finally offered him a job as an accountant.

Muthomi narrated that his hopes of becoming an accountant was incubated in Nairobi city and he was ready to stay as long as possible since there was no other place, according to him, worn his heart as the capital center.

This made Muthomi move with his wife, a mother of one, after stepping down as a business teacher to Nairobi. However, he told job seekers not to sit down for and wait for a job to come their way.

“You do not have to go to the road with a placard to get a job, just don’t sit in the house and claim you don’t have a job. Move from work place to work place, make calls and follow up. In the end, you will find something,” Muthomi said.

His wife Joyce Muthomi was overjoyed by the development saying, “I knew he was going to get a job but it felt good just to hear him say it.”

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