Narok County Assembly has entered in the list of the counties that have endorsed Building Bridges Initiative with all the 47 members agreeing unanimously to pass the document.

The bill that was tabled in the house by the Justice and Legal committee chairperson, Mr. Patrick Sossio, was passed after a two hour debate where all members who stood to contribute on the motion supported its approval.

Nominated Member of county assembly Ms. Mary Simati said the house was in agreement because the public had asked them to pass it during the public participation forums held a day earlier.

She observed that BBI was the future of the country as it creates room for a third gender representation rule and increased fund to the counties.

Another member of the county assembly Ms. Christine Lemain observed  that the BBI was the most important bill passed by the county assemblies ever as it directly addresses challenges facing the common mwananchi.

She said it will not be a blame game again between the governor and MCAs on the performance in the wards but they will directly be questioned on the development records in their area of legislation.

NArok county speaker  said after the document is passed into law, the assembly will no longer beg the local governor for funds to run the assembly because the money will be channeled direct from the national government and thanked the MCA for passing the bill saying they consider Kenyans and they are not doing this because of car grant.

Narok Governor Samuel Tunai who later joined the MCAs lauded the MCAs saying the county legislators had not been bribed to pass the bill.

He reiterated that the bill sailed through the county assembly because of its content that empowers the common members of the public.