Narok county governor Samuel ole Tunai has called on members of the Narok county assembly to pass stiff penalties on men who impregnate underage girls.The county has been ranked first at 40 percent with young girls forced to drop out of school due to early pregnancy. Speaking during the swearing in of the new County Executive Committee member for roads ,Johanna Cheruyiot who was appointed after the death of County Executive Committee for Road John Marindany , Tunai proposed for members of the assembly to ensure that the predators are castrated so as to reduce the incidences of teenage pregnancies.

He said it is unfortunate that men are still preying on young school girls calling on the MCAs to pass a legislation that will protect the girls future. the County Executive Committee was sworn in by the Narok court senior resident magistrate Adelide Sisenda Lankas Nkoidila the speaker at Narok county assembly urged County Executive committee members to work with the assembly pointing out that some of the County Executive Committee absconded their duties once they are sworn into office and call County Executive Committee to work together with the assembly since MCAs understand most of the problem the resident undergo.