NASA plans to make Kenya a begging nation; Uhuru Kenyatta claims

President Uhuru Kenyatta sparks attack on social media from his Facebook post that accused NASA of planning to make Kenya a ‘begging nation’.


In a detailed Facebook post the president attacked the opposition for planning to take the country’s education system backwards with their plan to scrap the digital learning program.


He said “It is sad that the opposition was planning to beg for books from donors”.


In a rally in Narok, Raila completely rubbished Jubilee’s laptop project as a non-existent one. “They promised us laptops. Have you seen laptops here in Narok?” Raila posed.


The president’s utterances were met by some fierce reactions from Kenyans:

Goddy Bin Godffrey: what do you mean Kenya is not a begging nation while soo far Kenya debts stands at 680trillion?!!!borrowed money from other countries……only idiots would vote back this uhuruto thing!!!

Jahsure Oduorie: You have lost touch with the reality on the ground. It’s not someone saying …hakuna Unga… but it’s a fact flour is way too expensive for the common man. Yes flour that we begged for from Mexico.

Mwangi Rob: Your lies and propaganda about Raila and nasa will not help you get a 2nd term. The high cost of living measures your dismal performance. Tribe consideration aside, Kenya needs a good manager to take us to greater heights of prosperity.

Ruth Njeri Kinuthia: Leadership comes from God and Uhuru is already anointed Uhuru was born a leader and he must continue another term God bless Uhuru God bless Kenya

Patrick Ngala: As the economy is, it seems Kenya has been auctioned n I as a citizen my view is lets rotate the leaders n have the opportunity of share owning. NASA Tibim.