Negligence of a private Hospital costs a 78 year-old his life

By Christine Kamau 

A family in Thika is riling in shock and grief following the death of 78-year-old kin. The man is said to have died mysteriously following multiple injuries after he was transferred to Thika level 5 hospitals from Mt. Sinai private hospital.

The deceased had been admitted at the hospital with chest complications. This revelation has left the family with questions, as regards to the death of their kin.

Another private hospital, Mt. Sinai hospital is on the spot following the death of one Joseph Ngige Kiarie, a 78-year-old who was admitted at the facility over the weekend with chest complications.

His family now in shock, recall how they had visited him, leaving him in high spirits and in good health. In the wee hours of Monday however, his family would receive a call from Mt. Sinai hospital, informing them about the transfer of the deceased to Thika level 5 hospital.

On arrival at the Thika level five hospital, the family found Nginge not only dead but with unexplained multiple body injuries.

One member of the family recounts the state of the late Joseph Ngige Kiarie”s body and the narrative from Mount Sinai.

The superintendent of Thika level 5 acknowledged they received the deceased early Monday morning only on complications of multiple injuries on chest ailments as the deceased suffered.

This is yet another incident of negligence and poor medical ethical code that has seen the death of otherwise healthy individuals.  Shalom hospital in Machakos was closed down, following public outcry when a 7-month-old baby was overdosed and died.