Nicki Minaj goes off on Joe Budden

By Jillo Dida

Things got heated between Nicki Minaj and Joe Budden on the last episode of Queen Radio as Nicki goes for Joe for calling her a liar. The female rapper claimed that he called her a liar by controverting her story about how ‘motorsport’ came about.

Apparently Joe went off and told people that Nicki didn’t know Cardi B was going to be on it. Nicki explained she was on the song with only Quavo at first and he had called her and asked if they could put Cardi B on it and she agreed.

Nicki went live while recording and yelled at Joe accusing him of liking to tear women down. She also got heated when Joe mentioned drugs and told him not to say he’d never ‘popped some pills.’She went further on and called him a ‘dumb fuck’, childish and asked him to take ownership of what he had said.  Joe refuted and cut off his microphone.