No politics in churches, catholic bishops warn church leaders

As a way of ensuring peaceful 2017 elections, Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) has warned church leaders against giving politicians platforms to address congregations.

This was communicated through a statement to media houses with the churches challenged to  stay above politics and political affiliations.

“We call upon the clergy not to use the Church or the pulpit to promote any political candidate. It is important to note that Church law forbids priests from engaging in politics or presenting themselves for elections to political positions,” read the statement in part which was signed by top KCCB officials.

“As much as politicians and those aspiring to elective positions are free to worship and pray where they want, they should not use such opportunities to make their campaign statements. Consequently politicians should not be allowed to address the congregations in our houses of worship,” stated the Catholic Bishops.

“We should never allow few individuals to spoil the peace in Kenya and interfere with our inheritance. We have to learn to choose what is good and reject what is evil and all that is bedeviling our country as we strive to improve the lives of our people.”

“Together we can build a country that is just and free from corruption, a country that is orderly and respects the rule of law and a country where the dignity of every person is respected and valued.”

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