We did not import yellow maize, Transport PS defends government

Transport PS Prof. Paul Mwangi has come to the defense of the government saying that yellow maize is just an allegation.

This comes after the Jubilee government, promised to and, imported maize from Mexico to curb the cost of living in Kenya.

Speaking today, Mwangi said that those are just but allegations to paint the government as a failure.

“We did not import yellow maize, it is all white,” Transport PS Prof. Paul Mwangi said. “The companies that imported maize from Mexico are publicly known, the government  is not in business.”

This follows the critics by NASA and some sections of Kenyans claiming that this was a yellow maize as they doubt the days it took to import the maize.

Ruto takes a swipe on NASA

Yesterday, Deputy President William Ruto hit out at the National Super Alliance (NASA) for their criticism of the importation of maize.
Mr Ruto said the Opposition was happy when Kenyans suffered as they wanted issues they could use to criticise the Government.

He said the arrival of a cargo ship with maize should not raise any alarm as the Government was proactive in alleviating Kenya’s pain

“Others are questioning why a ship with maize arrived earlier than expected. They want a delay so that Kenyans can continue suffering. Ours is to ensure that Kenyans get food on time,” he said.

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