Nzomo handed 12 year sentence for assault

Nzomo Daudi , the man caught on camera assaulting his wife in Kitonyoni village,Makueni county has been handed a 12- year- sentence by a Makueni court.

Nzomo 36, will serve ten years in prison and a two- year probation sentence for causing grievous harm to his 32 -year -old wife Everlyne Mwende on July 30.

While handing out the sentence Senior Principal Magistrate James Mwaniki said the accused committed a serious offense that caused severe physical and psychological harm.

‘‘The medical report show that the victim suffered head and face injuries which will have a lasting effect on the victim’s life,’’ said Magistrate Mwaniki.

The magistrate noted that the accused was violent person who had on previous occasions assaulted his wife and his parents.

‘‘The accused has been a defiant and truant person with a short temper who uses violence to have his way.In 2013 the accused assaulted the victim when she opposed his decision to marry a second wife while in 2016 he assaulted his two wives and parents,’’said Magistrate Mwaniki.

The magistrate decried the increasing number of domestic violence in the country and underscored the need to curb the vice.

‘‘Persons who have a responsibility to love, hold and protect their loved ones have turned against them with disastrous results and there is a need to prevent domestic violence,’’he said.

In mitigation, the magistrate acknowledged that the accused was the bread winner and that the victim had forgiven him.

‘‘I take into the account that the victim has forgiven the accused whom she described as a hardworking person,’’ said the magistrate.

Magistrate Mwaniki also directed that the accused be given psychosocial support and guidance.

Speaking after the ruling, the accused father David Manyenze said he was satisfied with the sentencing and expressed his optimism that his son will change.

‘‘I was worried that Nzomo would be handed a life sentence, ten years in prison is not long and he is still young,’’said Manyanze.

He said he will take care of Nzomo’s children until he finishes serving his term.

‘‘I have no problem with my grandchildren, I will provide for them to the best of my ability,’’said the father.

The accused was taken to the Makueni prisons to start his sentence.He has 14 days to appeal.

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