Ochillo Ayacko clinches Migori senatorial sit

By Kevin Wagura

Ochilo Ayacko is set to be sworn in as the new senator for Migori County

Ayacko, who was vying on an ODM ticket emerged first out of 5 other candidates gathering 85234 votes with the second candidate Mr. Eddie Oketch gathering 60,555 votes.

The other candidates in the ballot were, Peter Jobando, under The Green Congress Party, Mr. Solomon Hodo Rugaria, under the People’s Democratic Party, Mr. Samuel Otieno, who was an independent candidate and Mr. Dickson Ogolla who was also an independent candidate.

The results were released Tuesday morning by the IEBC to hand the victory to the newly elected senator, Mr. Ochillo Ayacko. Though, as per statistics, there was low voter turnout.

Migori county has 8 consituencies and out of those counties, Mr Ochillo Oyacko  gathered the most votes.

There was a little drama in between the voting process yesterday where a group of voters suspected a man who was alleged of trying to bribe the voters. All in all, Mr. Ochillo Oyacko took the senatorial seat victory.


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