ODM Rebels declare war with Raila’s ODM party

Eleven Orange Democratic Movement Members of Parliament from Coast Region on Wednesday declared war with the Party following what they termed as intimidation of Malindi and Msambweni legislators Aisha Jumwa and Suleiman Dori.

The legislators told the party to stop intimidating Jumwa and Dori and instead go for every one if they were planning to oust them.

They particularly wondered why the ODM party was keen in frustrating the Malindi legislator because she was a woman instead of going for ‘men’ who were also supporting deputy president William Ruto.

Speaking during official handing over of tittle deeds for residents of Magarini and fundraising for churches in Gongoni that was graced by Ruto they said their support for the deputy president was unstoppable.

Those present included Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya who defected from ODM before the elections and was elected in a Jubilee party ticket together with Benjamin Tayari (Kinango), Owen Baya (Kilifi North), Michael Kingi (Magarini), Suleiman Dori (Msambeni), Wundanyi MP Danson Mwashako, Badi Twalib (Jomvu), Aisha Jumwa Malindi, Gertrude Mbeyu (Kilifi Woman Rep), Christine Zawadi (Nominated Senator), Paul Katana (Kaloleni), Lamu East MP Shariff Athman.

Also present was Charles Njagua also known as Jaguar, and former Magarini MP Harrison Kombe and a section of MCAs from Kilifi County.

The deputy president said politics ended after the 2017 general elections adding that all Coast MPs were ready to work with him for the sake of development purposes.

Kwale Governor on his Part said Coast has been intimidated for over 50 years to vote for words and later the system changed to tales (vitendawili).

He said the tales are the ones which forced him to defect ODM and join Jubilee and still retained his seat as Governor because wananchi have begun to know that just mere words do not help in bringing development.

“We have joined the Deputy president William Ruto for development purposes, as a region we are late we need to dedicate ourselves to development,” he said. The Governor said Ruto deserves a promotion to become president for his efforts as a deputy as others who were in similar position never knew their job.

The Magarini legislator who was the host MP said people could be wondering why he came with DP Instead of Party leader Odinga but revealed that Ruto was development oriented.


“We have decided to stand with the one who will stand with us and it’s the DP those threats won’t intimidate us,’’ he said.


Kingi said the threats targeted at Dori and Jumwa do not scare him as he had done nothing wrong and owe no one or party apology.

Kilifi North MP Baya said Coast voted for Odinga since 2002 to 2017 and have no debt.

“This time Coast will speak in one voice, we are tired of being intimidated as coast leaders because of seeking development,’’ he said.

Baya said those fighting Jumwa and Dori should know that as Coast leaders they will protect them since they had a right to express themselves and support any one after the handshake between Raila and President Kenyatta.

“I will stand with you Jumwa bumper to bumper, let them finish us first before they deal with Jumwa ,’’ he said.

Kaloleni MP on his part said if Odinga Shook hands with the president as leaders they will shake the Deputy president’s hands without fear.

He told ODM party to leave Jumwa and Dori alone and ask them to deal with the other coast Rebels before gouing for them.

“Jumwa will continue to be with Ruto for the sake of development, why didn’t Raila bring the handshake to Coast,’’ he said.

The legislators have been facing criticism for supporting DP Ruto but despite the threats of Jumwa and Dori they are still following the Deputy President in his tour.

On Tuesday they were with him in Lamu and went together for the burial of former Deputy Governor Kennedy Kamto in Rabai constituency.