Panel turns away drunk officer

The panel mandated to vet police was left in shock when Malaba based constable, Joshua Njoka, turned for vetting while tipsy but woozy.

Explaining to the National Police Service Commission (NPSC) chair Johnstone Kavulundi, the constable cited stress after travelling home to attend to his wife who had undergone a caesarean section as the reason behind his drunkenness.

“I’m quite stressed after visiting my wife, who is admitted in hospital. She underwent an operation,” said Mr. Njoka.

The officer was directed to take rest and go back for vetting on Friday.

“We have been waiting for you to sober up before we could invite you here for the vetting. But I can see you are not and you will need to go back, eat well and get some rest,” said Kavuludi.

“When you report for the vetting, remember you are being watched by other officers including those who are in civilian clothes. You came here in the morning while you were very drunk,” he added.