Medics drawn from One-way wise health services in Wote, Makueni County are continuing with free medical camps across various parts of Makueni County targeting majorly non-communicable diseases which are threat during this period the world is battling Covid-19 pandemic. The medical camp has so far benefited more than 1000 patients.

The group’s specialist’s leader Dominic Mutuku said due to Covid-19 pandemic the poverty levels among families had gone up and high cost of medical care was keeping away people from accessing quality health care.
“We decided to reach to people who are not able to afford medical care in our facilities probably with the fear of contracting Covid-19 or having no muscles due to high poverty levels so that we don’t leave patients die in the villages. We are targeting mostly those patients with chronic diseases such arthritis, hypertension, cancer and also doing free cancer screening for preventive measures,” Mutuku said

To treat most of chronic diseases require huge resources which mostly lack among many healthcare seekers.
Mutuku called upon other health facilities to come out and also help unable people to compliment what they are doing, the county, the national and other stakeholders in medicine. He underscored a collaborative approach in reaching out to patients as a key matter in ensuring all people access quality health services.
Youth turnout was low during the camp.

“Youth have not been coming out to seek for services like these when they are held. Let youth take advantage of these services it is not made for the aged. They can come even for cancer screening so that they don’t come out when the diseases have advanced to untreatable stages,” he added

Mumbua Mutisya was a patient here. She has skin disease and she encouraged people to come out in large numbers and seek medical attention.

Catherine Mutiso is a youth. She challenged fellow youth to come out in following clinics asking the organizers to take the clinics deep into the villages where old-age patients mostly are found.
“There are very many people in villages that are not able to even come out to seek for services. We ask these medics to consider coming closer to the patients in the villages to reach more and more people,” she said
Mwikali King’ondu, another organizer from One-way wise health services addressing media shortly after the camp said women were silently suffering in their homes due to fungal infections asking both women and girls to come out.
“Pregnant mothers mostly suffer from these fungal infections and also girls but fail to come out for health services. We want to beseech you to come out and meet specialists,” she said.