Police in Garissa intercept consignement of contraband sugar

Police in Garissa with the help from officials from the customs department on Tuesday morning intercepted a consignment of contraband sugar.

The lorry which was carrying 400 bags of 25kGs each was intercepted at Nuno along the Modika-Modogashe road,50 Kms from Garissa town. the bags were indicated ‘Brazilian brown sugar’.

According to Garissa county police commander Alfred Ongengo, the officers who were acting on intelligence waylaid the vehicle pounded on it as it approached Nuno.

“Our officers on stopping the vehicle the driver escaped and disappeared in the near by bush. they then escorted to the Garissa police station,” said Ongengo.

He said police was still hunting for the driver and the owner of the vehicle who remain at large. he however expressed optimism that they will be arrested.

He said the exact destination of the sugar was still not clear but preliminary investigation showed that it was being taken to a whole of a prominent businessman who has several stores in the town.

The stat has reliably learnt that some ,rogue government officials working in collaboration with some businessmen to aid the entry of unaccustomed goods in the country illegally.

According to a customs officer who spoke to the Star in confidence, there is always top notch coordination between the government officials involved and those transporting the contraband goods to avoid detection or arrest from ‘uncooperative officers’.

Oblivious of this fact, the county police boss said that they will step up their operations to ensure that the contraband goods do not get their way in the country.

“I want to fore warn  all those still involved in this illegal business be it government officers or business  people that their time is over. we are going to step up our operations to ensure that no more un-costumed goods get their place into our market,” he said.

In march, Police in Garissa impounded a truck loaded contraband sugar along Disso-Garissa road.

The 360 bags of 25 kgs each believed to be from neighboring Somalia were according to authorities destined for wholesales within Garissa town.

Recently Northeastern regional commissioner Mohamed Birik has warned that stern action will be taken against officers found aiding entry of contraband goods.

Birik said that the government was aware that this few elements were frustrating governments effort to end illegal entry of aliens

“I am issuing a stern warning to this government officials that stern disciplinary action will be taken against them including dismissal and being arraigned in a court of law. This time round we are serious about it and heads will roll,” he said.

Several leaders among them Mandera governor Ali Roba and Dadaab MP Mohamed Dahiye has been persistently been calling on the re-opening of border entry points with Somalia to allow for free trade.

Roba said the only way to curb entry of contraband goods is by re-opening designated border entry points and posting relevant government departments to inspect goods and services.