Police use excessive force, molest residents during gun search operation

Police has been blamed by residents for causing havoc during the search for the guns thugs stole from a police post in Mumias on Tuesday.

The security officers have been accused of attacking residents and destroying property during the operation.

During the Booker Police Post attack, seven G3 rifles and 140 bullets were stolen by unknown people who raided the post.

One office was nursing serious injuries.

The residents claim the officers beat them up in the raid early yesterday during which they reportedly set property, including buildings, on fire and raped women.

Othe residents noted that the combo of regular and Administration Police officers, and their GSU counterparts sexually assaulted women and stole money from some of the residents.

The raid which targeted Mumias East, Mumias West and Matungu constituencies has left in its wake razed down businesses, raped women, traumatised children and several people limping after they were attacked.

Roadblocks were erected in Ekero, Mayoni, and Lukoye, where according to Western Regional Commandant Mongo Chimwaga, the operation would focus.

The police yesterday denied using excessive force, saying that no case was reported.

Doctors from the county say that they have received several casualties who sustain injuries .


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