Political parties’ act amendment must stop political zoning, MP says.

The political parties amendment act that is pending before parliament must not be used to zone the country along political lines, Ugenya member of parliament, David Ochieng has said.

Ochieng, the party leader for the Movement for Democracy and growth (MDG) said that whereas they support the amendment to the bill, his party will oppose any efforts that will see political parties enter an unholy union that will not allow them to run candidates in some parts of the country.

He was speaking to the media at the Sega township primary school grounds during the finals of the Ugenya constituency development fund sports extravaganza.

“As MDG, we shall not oppose the political parties act but we shall oppose any efforts at any party zoning the country” he said.

The legislator said his party, MDG, will join former prime minister, Raila Odinga’s Azimio La Umoja Alliance.

“I hope that Azimio la Umoja is not a trap for political parties to be locked into an unholy union that will not allow them to run candidates in other parts of the country” said the Ugenya legislator.

Ochieng appealed to the adherents of Azimio la umoja to allow democracy to thrive through competition amongst political parties under the umbrella, adding that part of the amendments he was proposing to the political parties bill is that political parties be allowed to field candidates everywhere in the country even after joining coalitions.

“They should not try to cut and dice the country into pieces. That will be killing political parties, will be unhygienic and undemocratic” he said.