President Kenyatta appeals to UN member states to support Kenya for the UN Security Council seat

By Nancy Ochido

 President Uhuru Kenyatta has appealed to the united nations member states to support Kenya’s bid for one of the non-permanent seats on the un security council during elections slated for June next year.

Expressing gratitude to the African Union for endorsing Kenya’s candidature for the seat, the president said that the country’s bid is motivated by a “pursuit for solutions to global challenges.”

Addressing the 74th united nations general assembly in New York, president Uhuru Kenyatta made the support appeal to the un member states, pointing out that Kenya deserves a seat on the security council because of its leading role in ensuring peace and stability in eastern Africa region, as well as its many years of contributing troops to un peacekeeping operations across the world.

On sustainable development and world peace, the president said all countries have a collective and solemn duty to ensure the world is a better place for future generations. The president also reiterated Kenya’s commitment to continued hunt for peace and stability in the eastern and the horn Africa region.

On health, the president noted that Kenya is on the path of achieving universal health coverage by 2022 through a health benefits package that prioritizes primary health care interventions, reduce the cost of medicines and increase the number of people with medical insurance cover.

Kenyatta congratulated Sudan and South Sudan for committing to a path of sustainable peace and challenged Somalia to consider dialogue and negotiation as an option for resolving a maritime border dispute with Kenya that is currently before the international court of justice in The Hague.

The president also spoke about climate change and the need for nations to turn to sustainable resource management models that will help restore a balance in the ecosystem.

He called on countries to pursue development that will help reduce greenhouse emissions and slow down global warming saying, the conflicts in the horn of Africa are partly due to the effects of climate change.