President Obama’s Call With President Uhuru

US President Obama and President Uhuru discussed issues of mutual importance during this week’s UN General Assembly meetings and the strong US-Kenya bilateral relationship on Monday via phone.

President Kenyatta offered his strong support for the objectives of the Leaders’ Refugee Summit and the US-Africa Business Forum.

On the other hand, Obama, reiterated the international community’s appreciation for the efforts of long-term refugee hosting countries and in particular, Kenya’s forthcoming commitments to improve, among other things, refugee access to education in Kenya.

The US President restated the importance of Kenya ensuring it holds a peaceful, free and fair election in 2017.

Obama further expressed his desire to uphold the strong partnership with Kenya on a range of issues, including the effort to deliver a lasting defeat to al-Shabaab in Somalia.

Meanwhile, on Monday UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon held a meeting with Deputy President William Ruto where he praised Kenya’s role in seeking lasting regional peace and dealing with the refugee crisis.

During the meeting held at the UN headquarters in New York, Moon said Kenya was playing a “remarkable role” in hosting refugees.



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