President’s,Governor’s Salaries Slashed, MPs mileage, sitting allowance abolished

The Salaries Commission on Monday announced a significant slash on the salary or state officers, including the President, Deputy President, MPs, CSs and other officials.

Under the new structure released by Sarah Serem, President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto will earn monthly gross of Sh1.4million and Sh1.2million respectively down from Sh1.650 and Sh1.40million.

Cabinet Secretaries will get a salary of Sh924,000 from Sh1,056 000 and Permanent Secretaries will be earning Sh765,000 from Sh874,000.

MPs will earn Sh621,000 from about Sh710,000.

Speaker of both Houses will take home Sh 1.155 million each from the previous Sh1.32 million while their deputies to earn 924.000.
Leader of majority and Minority to take home Sh765.188. Member of Parliament’s gross will be Sh621. 250 from 710.000.

Governors to earn Sh924.000 and their deputies Sh621,250.

The cut will affect salaries and allowances for the 2,222 MCAs, 349 MPs, 67 senators, 47 governors and the President among other top earners in public service.
According to the new structure review, the government will save Sh8 billion.

The Commission had early in the year presented a preliminary report to President Uhuru Kenyatta, who hinted during the State of the Nation Address in March that salaries of State officers would be reviewed downwards.

The wage bill now stands at Sh627 billion per year, accounting for almost 50 per cent of revenue.

This is coupled with the growing public debt and pension liability, a situation that has had adverse effects on the country’s economy.