Property worth millions destroyed in fierce fire at Eor-Ekule secondary

Property worth millions of shillings was destroyed in a fierce fire that broke out in a dormitory at Eor-Ekule boys High School in Narok East, Narok County.

Narok East sub-county commissioner Arthur Bunde who addressed the press in the school said the cause of the fire still remains unknown.


However, Mr Bunde said the fire broke out when the 600 students of the school were in classes for morning preps and case of arson cannot be ruled out as a possible cause of the fire.


He said No one was inside the 80 beds capacity Loita dormitory when the fire broke out. “We are investigating possible sources of arson, we are interrogating teachers, staff and watchmen to establish the source of the fire,” said Mr Bunde adding no arrests made.


“There should, however, be no cause for alarm because all students were in their classrooms at the time the fire broke out,” he went during the presser after the School principle Alice Sayo and the county director of education James Nyagah declined to address the press.  

“However, a lot of students’ belongings, including mattresses, boxes and stationery were burnt to ashes.”


Accompanied by area Police boss Joseph Kisompe, he ruled out closing of the school saying the alternative ways of accommodating the students would be sought including using one of the classes as a dormitory.


“Students lost property of unknown value but are forced to remain in school because the exams were to start today,” he said.

However, sources privy to the school management indicated some students sent home for school fees might have found their way back to the compound and burned the school, with police confirming the theory.


Parents led by Joseph Nchoshoi who neighbors the school thanked the police, Narok county fire fighters and neighbors for responding swiftly to tackle the blaze, which could have caused more serious damage.


He noted that the dormitory needs renovations before it could be reoccupied.

“Had it not been for the quick response of the fire engines, the school neighbors, teachers and the police, who immediately swung into action, the fire could possibly have [burnt] other buildings causing more damage,’ said Mr Nchoshoi.

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