Raila had long reconciled with Moi

In his condolence message to the family, ODM Party leader Raila Odinga revealed he had long reconciled with Moi. He said that his handshake with Moi helped unite the country. Raila had paid dearly in his quest for multiparty democracy having been was arrested thrice during President Moi’s regime.

“Moi and I reconciled after the political differences of the 1980s and early 90s and we were able to work together to bring more reforms in the country,” Odinga said in a statement from Washington DC in the US.

He described the former President as a statesman and credited Moi for reintroducing democracy. He acknowledged that their political differences were based on Mzee Moi’s love and desire to see the country remain a one-party state.

Raila said, “Our cooperation gave way to the merger with his party KANU, which put the country firmly on the path to a new Constitution by enabling the formation of the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission.”

The acrimonious relationship between the two ran deep as also Raila’s father, Oginga Odinga underwent tribulations under Moi’s regime.

Meanwhile it has been revealed that Moi spent his last couple of months in hospital. The family is yet to make a formal announcement on his burial date.The Kenyan Flag is flying at half-mast throughout the country.