Thika town mp engineer Patrick Wainaina wajungle has urged the government to reduce it’s appetite to external borrowing and also curb corruption as this is ailing the country economically.

Jungle laments most leaders went into a public fund siphoning spree immediately they were elected forgetting to help those who elected them.

Quoting the book of Genesis in the Bible,the mp has pleaded with the church to be the voice of reason in Kenya since elected leaders have abandoned their core role of serving the people and instead stealing from them the little they hardly earn.

Speaking at Makongeni PCEA church during a farewell service for Reverend Simon Githiora yesterday, the MP said that projects the borrowed money are spent on have no benefit to the common man adding that the standard gauge railway is 90% benefitial to the Chinese.

The independent mp cautions Kenya may face auction of properties like the Mombasa port if the government does not curtail it’s borrowing appetite.

Wajungle has therefore pleaded with his fellow parliamentarians to join hands and put the borrowing ceiling down as the country’s economy is headed to the South.

The mp pleads with the current government to borrow a leaf from the Kibaki’s government whose mantra was “zero tolerance to corruption”