Residents of Lamu appeal for water and food

Residents in drought-hit villages in Lamu county are appealing to the national and county governments for food and water.

Pandanguo, Moa, Dide Waride, Kiangwe, Bahamisi and most parts of Lamu East are hard-hit. In Kiangwe, only one well is left, the rest dried up a month ago. Villagers and their neighbours scramble for water.

Many people have discolored and corroded teeth because of the high acidity in the water. Villagers sometimes do not cook for days for lack fresh water.

We queue for several days just to get a container of water. We rise up as early as 2am.

Herders of Dide Waride, Witu share water sources with their livestock. There are a lot of waterborne diseases. In Pandanguo village, children no longer attend school.


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