Residents want cement plant closed for causing respiratory diseases

Residents of Mikindani in Mombasa County have called upon the county government and the national government to close Montrex Company in Mikindani.

The disillusioned residents have linked the cement manufacturing and transportation plant to the series of respiratory infections affecting them as a result of poisonous clinker dust from the plant which has so far led to the loss of ten lives.

The physical appearance of their houses is a true reflection of the kind of lives they lead: lives full of suffering and pain is what residents of Mikindani in Mombasa County are forced to put up with…. All this as a result of poisonous dust emanating from Montrex Company that specializes in transporting cement products

Mikindani residents led by the area member of the County Assembly Juma Thoya have directed their cry to the national government and the county government of Mombasa to come to their rescue by removing the plant operating in the area.

The Mikindani dwellers stated that the respiratory complications rocking the area are as a result of poisonous dust from the Montrex Company which transports and manufacture cement and associated products…

It is alleged that the cement plant which was set up in a residential area carries out its operations at night which puts it existence and credibility in question.

According to residents around the plant, children and adults alike have been immensely affected by as a result of clunker dust from the company an act that has jeopardized their lives and of the coming generation.

Ten people have been reported dead as a result of respiratory infections with 700 others undergoing respiratory medical care.

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