Why Rushing For Masters Degree Is Not Advisable

For a number of reasons, majority of Kenyans are opting for Masters degree in their career paths in a bid to stay competitive in this tough job-depleted economy.

I agree with most of them on one reason; the need to advance one’s education levels. However, with the ever dynam


ic Kenya’s job market, having an additional degree will surel

y give you an edge over others, but what employers look for in any employee is the work experience.

Have you worked anywhere? Do you have the appropriate skills?

Many companies will give preference to candidates who’re hands-on; they’ve got the required skills and have knowledge of how to apply them perfectly on the given job.

This explains why some job ads will cite in the qualifications section, ‘ Having an MBA is an added advantage!’

For beginners, that statement is so discrediting, right? No! Think of it as a side note, where the employer is sure that only degree holders will appropriately suit the job, given their level of education together with the skills they might have.

Therefore, any qualifications that go beyond what the job demands will be seen as additional advantage ONLY for that particular applicant.

So, just how useful is the work experience?

We’ve seen that a higher education level will definitely give an advantage when applying for a job, but at the same time, where you lack the experience even if you hold that MBA, the possibility of losing that job is very high.

After all, most companies don’t want to waste their resources training new employees; they want people who are competent.

Secondly, many graduates feel that due to the limited opportunities in the country’s job space, searching for a job is a tiresome activity on its own hence many will enroll for Masters program.

The reality is that many of them are actually escaping the everyday hustle for jobs and eventually decide to get back to school to increase their competitive advantage.

My advice? Take some time off after four years of struggling to get that degree and literally go to the field and get experience relative to your career line.


Written By Willie Blair

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