Samburu residents protest against Raila, says local leaders deserve respect

Samburu residents burned Raila Odinga’s posters in a demonstration on Wednesday against his criticism of their leaders.They also lit bonfires saying the Opposition chief accused their leaders of misusing public funds during his visit to the county last week.

Raila accused the leaders of using development funds to acquire private property in the county and in Nairobi. He claimed they have bought huge pieces of property whose costs do not match their earnings.

“Raila was not received by any elected Samburu leader when he visited this place last week. It shows he cannot work with anyone here. We don’t want a leader like Raila who doesn’t show respect for our own,” said Jilisen Lenkupae.

The protesters said they were Jubilee Party supporters and would vote for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election on August 8, and DP William Ruto in 2022.

They said they have enjoyed the fruits of Jubilee’s rule, citing the appointment of Principal secretary Richard Lesiyampe, Naisula Lesuuda’s nomination as senator and a 10km pro-base tarmac road in Maralal town.

Demonstrator Ann Lenturkan urged Raila to positively criticise the leaders in his search for votes from the region.Joyce Lesilampa said Samburu leaders were not thieves as portrayed by the Opposition leader.

Samburu West MP Lati Lelelit said the leaders in the region deserve respect and that Raila should give it before it is accorded to him.

Lelelit said that was the last time the Cord leader would “abuse” Samburu county leaders, and that they would join hands to ensure he does not win the election.

Samburu Governor Moses Lenolkulal said Lesuuda’s nomination and the road were enough for them to re-elect Uhuru.Lenolkulal said Samburu leaders have a right to be respected in their own county by anyone who visits for campaigns.

Raila toured the county on February 2 accompanied by former Samburu West MP simeon Lesirma, woman representative aspirant Pauline Lengrus and Laikipia North MP Mathew Lemprukel.