Sauti Sol, Nyashinski play dirty but true

Two of the most prolific and musically gifted musical brands in Kenya have come together to give us yet another piece of their mind. In so doing they have not only entertained us but told us an excruciating truth about the overall general state that our country is in at the moment. The new song released early Wednesday morning on YouTube seeks to address in detail the malice masquerading as royal truth: lawlessness, the corruption quagmire, tribalism, greed and grotesque national debt that is since a cancer in our bones. The song might as well divide their funs right at the core.

The collaboration has also given the song an exquisite demeanor of what there is, allowing us to move as they did in their former song together, “Short n Sweet”. The song ultimately highlights and therefor asks why it is possible to have a man and his neighbor living in the slum yet one of them is rich, and why the rich always win elections. The artist also suggest that change is an invaluable aspect of existence and that those in power have an obligation to their people. All Kenyans have benefited either directly or indirectly from the crooked systems but that should not be the norm.

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