CAS for youth and gender Rachael Shebesh And ANT FGM board leaders held a meeting at Narok town with maasai age set leaders to help them in the fight aganist FGM and to help president Uhuru to achieve his dream to end FGM by 2022.

Speaking after the meeting shebesh say the move by the age set leaders who are been respected so much will be able to help her and FGM board to end this retrogressive culture.
She added in boran samburu area they have managed to engage them and they have seen good outcome and in narok if they engage them this will be a things of past. She said their aim is not to see people been arrested but their aim is to make sure the community accept themselves to end circumsition among the young girls which even led most of the girls to drop out of school since when they undergo the cut qualify to be married off.
His sentiments were echoed by Ant-FGM chair Agnes pareiyo and CEO Benedict Loloju who say they have been facing a big challenge especially in narok county but now they are happy since most of the age set leaders who are been respected by their age sets will help alot to end this retrogressive culture and president achievement will come before 2022 to end FGM in the Country.