Shock as Kitui man lives with corpses of his wife and daughter for since 2013

Panic overwhelmed residents of Ndaluni village in Kitui County  after it was discovered that a man in the area had been living with the corpses of his wife and daughter for three years.

Kitu Munyoki, who was arrested and detained at Migwani police station, said his wife died in early 2014 while the daughter  in 2013 and claimed the wife left strict instructions not to be buried.

“I was following instructions from my late wife that I should not bury her but wait for six years as she would resurrect. If it was you who was given such instructions, what would you have done?” Munyoki who spoke from the police station posed.

The shocking revelation was brought to light on Friday after Munyoki’s mother-in-law, Pauline Ndunge, travelled from Machakos County to see her daughter with whom they last communicated in 2013. Ndunge said all her efforts to speak to the daughter were rebuffed by the husband prompting the visit.

“Whenever I called him and demanded to speak to her, he would claim she had refused to talk to me. He would then disconnect the call,” Ndunge said.

Munyoki’s mother, Mary Mwalale divulged that her son had threatened to beat her whenever she asked to see the wife.

“He would always tell me that my daughter-in-law had travelled to her Kangundo home,” she said.

Confirming the incident, Assistant chief Grace Muli said Munyoki  had led a mysterious life and did not allow people to visit his home.

“He chases anybody who dares to enter into his compound,” Muli said.

The bodies were taken to Migwani hospital. Doctors were surprised at how Munyoki managed to preserve the bodies well for three years.


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