Singer Akothee launches foundation in Turkana.

By Marygorret Nzuki

Singer Akothee aka ‘the president of single mothers’ announced through an Instagram post that she had officially launched her foundation in Turkana County. The foundation will help cater for the needy and hunger-stricken residents of Turkana and its environs.

“The grand opening of Akothee Foundation Turkana branch,” she posted on Instagram.

Akothee was moved by the distressing situation, of more than one million Kenyans dire need for food following failed rains in March. Turkana was among the worst hit area. Akothee then spearheaded a fundraising campaign for people of Turkana. She subsequently adopted a needy girl who was responsible for her dressing in Turkana. She had met the girl on her initial visit to deliver food donations.

“My act of kindness has begun,” said the mother of five.

Just goes to prove that behind Akothee strange acts is a kind heart and bright soul. Akothee is a musician and performer known more for her controversial lifestyle and performances.