Small-scale business operators enjoy profits as schools reopen

Kitengela traders dealing in different school related businesses are experiencing a business boom as schools reopen.

Those in the uniform business have a busy time making new clothes for children who are starting school, joining new schools or have outgrown their clothes.

“It is quite a happy moment for me as a tailor, as I get busy with making sure that children look good in school, by making new clothes for them. Unfortunately, the cost of production has risen as compared to previous years and therefore I have had to raise the cost of uniforms and parents have no choice but meet the cost,” said Susan Wanjiru, a tailor in the area.

She, however, noted that the profits will only be able to sustain her for a short period.

“Business is not like before. In the past, I would make profits that would last me for some time even after schools have reopened, but at this rate, the profits might just sustain me for two weeks, given the high cost of living we are currently experiencing,” she added.

According to a bookseller in the area, Anne Njeri, there is a challenge in finding books needed for certain schools and this makes business hard.

“There are some books required by certain schools and looking for them has proven to be a challenge. I have to close shop to go look for them to satisfy my customers and in the process, customers coming to the shop will not be served leading to losses. With the high cost of living, I have witnessed, I can’t give discounts for parents, as this is the set price,” said Anne Njeri.

Cabinet Secretary (CS), Ezekiel  Machogu, had earlier affirmed that the school calendar will return to normal with term one commencing, Monday, January 23, and running for 13 weeks till April 23, 2023, inclusive of a three-day half-term break between March 23, 2023, and March 26, 2023.

Form One Student’s are set to start reporting from February 6 to February 13, 2023. According to the Education CS, the one-week period will allow the students to fully settle in and transition from primary to secondary.

Learners joining Grade 7 shall report to their respective Junior Secondary Schools on January 30, 2023.

Machogu highlighted that all students who sat for the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) would transit to Grade 7 as part of the government’s commitment to a 100 per cent transition policy.