Socialite Amber Ray ‘divorces’ politician

Justus Ndambiri

Amber Ray, Kenyan socialite, whose real name is Faith Makau has come out and outrightly put it in black and white, that she is no longer married to politician and businessman Zaheer Merlahi Jhanda. The incredibly voluptuous socialite is well known for her trendy lifestyle, which involves the very best that money could possibly buy: fancy cars, expensive wines and drinks and of course, an impeccable I-would-do-almost-anything-for closet. Indeed, she was living every girls dream…..but, was she ?

She had since changed her religion to Islam so as to suit the needs of her “man”, who being a muslim, is allowed to marry up to four wives (that he should unstrenuously fend for; or so, I think). She got married in 2016, as the businessman’s second wife. Earlier when asked, she did say that being a second wife was in no Way close to heaven. She has further added that she is no longer a muslim and no one should in any way link her to her now ex-husband. Moreover, her anguish was apparent when she said that her family, her son and herself were in such a pathetic situation due to the insults hurled at her and psychological torture and misconduct.