Stern action against the contractor involved in construction of Sigiri Bridge to be taken

Busia woman representative Florence Mutua has wished a quick recovery to construction workers who were injured when the Sigiri Bridge in Budalang’i collapsed on Monday.

Mutua said it is unfortunate that a bridge in which billions of taxpayers’ money has already been spent can collapse before beneficiaries enjoy its fruits.

“We cannot celebrate at such misfortunes. It would be irresponsible of us as leaders. Responsible leaders should have been more occupied with ensuring quality work for the safety of the intended users,” she said.

Mutua urged the national government to take stern legal action against the contractor for substandard work and endangering people’s lives.

“It is the sole responsibility of any government in place to ensure that key projects are not rushed to score a political mileage,” she said, adding that had thorough monitoring and evaluation of the project been done, such an incident would not have occurred.

“It must also be noted that the very essence of building the bridge was out of the many deaths Sigiri village has experienced for lack of it,” Mutua said.

She said building another hi-tech death trap is an insult to the intelligence of Busia residents.

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