Tana River MCAs reject Governor Dhadho Godhana CECs nominees

Tana River Governor Dhadho Godhana has suffered a big blow after MCAs rejected his three County Executive Committee Members’ nominees for failure to conform to the laws and procedures of appointment.


A total of 16 MCAs voted in support of the select committee on appointments, eight opposed the report one abstained and one MCA was absent.


Rhoda Katisha, Vice Chairperson of the select committee on appointment read the report that proposed the rejection of nominee for Public Service Abdullahi Kanchoru, Environment, and Climate Change Joshua Jara, and Water, Energy and Mining nominee Ismail Algi.


The report said the Governor failed to nominate the CECMs within the stipulated time after the MCAs were sworn in. They also accused the Governor of extending the terms of the serving Ce Cs whose terms ended without the approval of the assembly.


The report also said Governor Dhadho Godhana failed to ensure there is gender parity in the CECMs list that was presented to the assembly.


All the three nominees that were rejected, failed to meet the threshold of appointment according to the report. They didn’t have the requisite qualifications in the field relevant to the department they were nominated to serve.


The select committee on appointment report noted that the three nominees did not meet the pass mark of 75 percent. Joshua Jara scored 51 percent, while Jilo Algi and Abdullahi Kanchoru had 64 and 60 percent respectively.


The report recommended that the Office of the Speaker should be furnished with all relevant information by the executive before vetting nominees and all the serving Ce Cs should undergo fresh vetting.


Deputy Majority Leader Hamid Babusa had a dissenting opinion urging the MCAs to approve all three nominees for efficient service delivery.