Tanzania Lauds KRA For Innovating In Revenue Collection

The Budget Committee of the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania has applauded the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) for its strategic implementation of initiatives that have significantly boosted revenue collection.

The Parliamentarians who were on a benchmarking study visit at KRA headquarters, Times Tower, were briefed on the remarkable milestones achieved by KRA through various strategies. One of the notable achievements highlighted was the growth of revenue from Ksh 964 billion in the financial year 2013/2014 to Ksh 2.66 Trillion in the financial year 2022/2023.

KRA has successfully implemented strategic initiatives that have led to the expansion of the tax base, from the previous 6.1 million active taxpayers to 8.2 million active taxpayers. The Commissioner General of KRA Mr HumphreyWattanga emphasized that these achievements are a result of the Authority’s strategic focus, as outlined in its Corporate Plans.

He also announced the upcoming launch of the 9th Corporate Plan, which will span five years.”We are committed to further automating our services to simplify the tax process and enhance revenue collection,” stated the KRA Commissioner General.

“Additionally, KRA will continue to integrate its systems from an organizational standpoint and beyond.” He also said that on-time payment of VAT and PAYE has considerably improved enabling KRA to collect revenue without delay compared to previous years.

The delegation was led by the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Budget Committee, Hon. Daniel Baran Sillo, MB, who expressed satisfaction with KRA’s efforts in revenue collection and strategic planning.

The Parliamentarians lauded KRA for its dedication to enhancing revenue collection and ensuring tax compliance. They emphasized the importance of such initiatives in supporting the economic development and sustainability of the region.