Terrible facts about dating Nairobian women

For every 4 women you meet on the streets of Nairobi, 3 are single. They are single, old and not ready to get committed to marriage simply because of the following shocking facts.

They believe a man in an investment opportunity-they can milk you dry

Many Nairobi women always see men as ATMs, plots, bank accounts and a source of income. The moment you start dating her, she will use all excuses to draw some money from your pocket. They are ruthless when it comes to spending a man’s money yet they won’t dare spend their on men, even in appreciation.

When this woman is sure you are broke, she will run to the next customer.

They have set standards which can be met by 2 % of Kenyan men

If you find single woman, old and without a child but desperately looking for a man to marry, run for your dear life. Single Nairobi women have set standards which if they list them they can fill a whole 80 exercise book. When serious men see the list, they chicken out.This is an ideal man a Nairobi woman wants:

  • Wealth
  • Driving a vehicle worth not less than Sh8 million
  • Living in Muthaiga or Runda
  • Earning not less than Ksh500, 000
  • Ready to take her out thrice a week
  • Tall, dark, handsome and smiles like an angel
  • Faithful

They are quick to judge

Nairobi women, especially the single, judge anyone based on the outlook. They can make a conclusion the moment they see you, without giving you time. They often end up dating bad boys-and from this, most of them are heart-broken as we speak.

They are intelligent

They know how to arm-twist a man to the extent of winning her. These women are extremely intelligent.

Easy to win

Single, old and desperate Nairobi women are cheap. It takes a man minutes to win her.It doesn’t matter how beautiful she is as long as the man has guts to approach her.

They don’t date a single man

These women have a collection of boyfriends: in office, in their apartments, in college, the pastor etc. They are often indecisive when it comes to choosing the right partner.


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