From Tiga Wana to Yesu nipe nyoyo indicates corrupted gospel

Gospel music industry may have lost its pride partially following some of the recently released gospel songs.

Beginning with Willy Paul’s ft. Size 8 “Tiga Wana” to “Yesu nipe nyonyo” could be a clear indicator the celebrated gospel music industry full of message and advice has been or is in the process of being swallowed by secular sector.

Willy Paul defended the song saying that he cannot just ‘sing the same way his grandfathers were saying’ with Size eight adding that ‘they want to put it in a way that even those in clubs can be ‘touched by the message’ and leave what they were doing for salvation.

Tha could have been a shock of the year when noted that the two a famous gospel musician, the re-born Size eight and Willy Paul. But even before the alarm could go off, another gospel artist cracked the silence with ‘Yesu Nipe Nyonyo’.

The video uploaded on you tube by an artist by the name SBJ has raised a lot of questions and controversy among the gospel lovers, demanding to know the fate of the gospel industry.

Directed by O’Neal, ‘Yesu Nipe’ oversteps some of the songs by Jimmy Gait like sponsor that created a sensational debate on both media platforms.

A lot needs to be done in this industry to keep the flag high, producing reputable songs like songs by Pasotor Faudun Munishi, Christina Shusho, Late Angela chibalonza and others high.


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