Tough Days For Sauti Sol

It has been tough two days for Kenya’s prolific all boys band Sauti Sol as they face sharp criticism on social media.

Sauti Sol is trending on twitter and not for the good reasons.

This comes after their  posts on Facebook and twitter which Kenyans quickly termed ‘reckless’.

Here is the contentious post on Facebook.

“TIBIM, TIALALA & TANO TENA are all empty slogans with no data and development records attached to them. A critical mass of this country is simply uneducated that’s why these things turn us on. But to be honest why aren’t these battles about manifestos and track records? In this country as long as you have money you can fart and people will cheer.”

This did  not go down well with Kenyans who went ahead to demand an apology from the band.

Others were seen wittily threatening to trade Sauti Sol and Starehe Member of Parliament Charles Njagua for the Ugandan Musician and politician Bobi Wine.

To them Bobi Wine is the best combination of a politician and artiste because of his aggression while fighting for democracy in Uganda.

Kenyans were asking for Sauti Sol to stick to their lane of singing and leave politics to politicians and not to take them for granted.

Are Kenyans overreacting? Did Sauti Sol overstep their mandate?

Most importantly, should Sauti Sol apologize to Kenyans? Let us know your take on this by commenting on our post.

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