Track Laying of Nairobi-Naivasha SGR project kicks off In Suswa, Narok County

The laying of tracks for Nairobi -Naivasha SGR for Phase 2A from Suswa to Narok which kicked off at Suswa SGR terminal and the entire phase 2A will cost the government 140B to complete. The phase will cover a total of 33 kilometers.

According to Engineer James Karanja, the Project has benefited Kenyans especially locals who get tenders of 40% of the material needed. Additionally, 20,000 workers have been employed from the county.

He said the commencing of track laying will even attract more investors since the SGR will be complete within a short period of time.

Maxwell Mengich, General Manager of Infrastructure and development Kenya Railway Corporation said the commencement date of the 120 kilometer of phase 2A section was 6th January 2018 and they are on track.

He said the Railway project has managed to help young people to gain knowledge and in future Kenyans will also be participating in construction of railways.

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