Trash the rumours, says KDF Spokesman Joseph Owuoth

KDF spokesman, Joseph owuoth, confirms that reports of him being missing were indeed a false alarm.

The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) Spokesperson, Col. Joseph Owuoth has confirmed of his safety rubbishig off rumors that he had ‘gone missing’.

Col. Owuoth, ascertained that he was on duty, safe and sound.

“I’m okay and I don’t know where these reports are coming from. I’m okay and at work,” he said

National Super Alliance (Nasa) politicians had called a press conference to claim Col Owuoth had been suspended from office.

At a press briefing in Kisumu, Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o (Kisumu  Senator) claimed that “he was sent on compulsory leave and ordered to go back to his rural Koru home.”

It is along his way home that it was alledged that the Colonel met his ‘abductors’, reports which later emarge to be ‘false’ according to Col. Owuoth.

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