Tullow Company to start oil production in 2017

Tullow Oil Production Company will start oil production in March 2017 as Kenya prepares to begin the business of oil exporting in June 2017.

In a meeting held at State House Nairobi between President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Founder and CEO Tullow Oil Mr. Aidan Heavey Wednesday morning, Mr. Heavey said Kenya will be an oil exporting country in June 2017.

A special cabinet meeting chaired by President Uhuru Kenyatta recently approved the plan for development and commercialization of crude oil, and early oil production.

Tullow has a track record of discovering significant oil resources in East Africa. The Group first started exploring in Uganda in 2006, successfully opening the Lake Albert Rift Basin, which has discovered resources of some 1.7 billion barrels of oil.

This followed Kenya’s success in the exploration for oil in Turkana County, where significant deposits were discovered by Tullow Oil in 2012.

“The country is now getting ready for full commercial exploitation. In this regard, the country is in the process of establishing an enabling commercial and infrastructure arrangement that will facilitate the creation of an international market for Kenya’s crude oil,” noted a statement from State House recently.

The cabinet also approved the development of a pipeline from the exploration fields in the country’s north to Lamu, where Kenya is constructing a second port, which in the future will be the main source of transportation for crude oil from Kenya.

“Under this arrangement, the country will commence with the production of 2000–4000 barrels per day that will be transported to Mombasa for export. For this to happen, the Eldoret (Leseru)–Lokichar Road is being upgraded at a cost of KSh3.2 billion.”

Also to be replaced under this plan is the Kainuk Bridge to allow for larger and heavier trucks to transport the crude oil.

It is envisaged the crude oil will be transported by rail and road from Eldoret to Mombasa, from where it will be exported as crude.

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