Tullow confirms brief interruption in crude oil transportation

By Mercy Imali

Tullow confirmed through a statement that a convoy of trucks carrying crude oil on Monday was briefly interrupted for 40 mins at Lokichar.

The statement read, “At 11:00 hrs on Monday 8th July 2018, a convoy of trucks carrying crude oil from Lokichar to Mombasa and operated by our contractors was briefly interrupted at Lokichar by a group who identified themselves as members of an association representing truck drivers from Turkana South and were demanding for more opportunities for local drivers. •

The office of the Turkana County Commissioner led by the Turkana South Deputy County Commissioner, Mr. Philip Sigei, quickly intervened and after a brief meeting with the group, the group agreed to demobilize and raise their grievances through the established Turkana Grievances Management Committee which is chaired by the County Commissioner, Turkana County. Following this agreement, the situation normalized, and the trucks departed for Mombasa at 11:40 hrs….”

Tullow confirmed that all its field operations, including crude oil transportation, have since continued as normal. • it also clarified that 30 percent of all EOPS trucks and driver opportunities have been provided to Turkana local business people and local drivers respectively.