Two lorry drivers burnt in Makueni over sand harvest

Two lorry drivers yesterday morning were burnt to death during a clash over sand harvesting. A third driver is fighting for his life at Sultan Hamud Subcounty Hospital after he was shot with arrows.

The fight took place at 1.30am near the Muua River, Kasikeu, Mukaa district, area police boss Andrew Mbogo said. The fight was between a group that sells sand and one opposing sand harvesting, he said.

They were armed with pangas, bows and arrows, rungus, crowbars and iron bars. Mbogo cautioned lorry drivers against harvesting sand at Mukaa rivers since the county government banned it two years ago.

He said they have started investigations but no arrests have been made. Last month two people were killed and others injured near the same river bed when the two groups clashed. A lorry was burnt to a shell and five motorcycles destroyed.