Types of Infidelity in relationships

By Alice Nduta

Cheating is a common problem in  many relationships across the world.

Infidelity is defined as a violation according to the subjective feeling that one’s partner has violated a set of relationship norms which brings about feelings of intense jealousy and rivalry. It can also be a state or action of being unfaithful to a spouse or sexual partner.

Cheating takes many different forms

Social cheating. This may involve the act of a person spending most for his or her time with others for instance with friends more than his/her spouse.

Financial cheating. It may comprise of any activity of a person cheating about or hiding some or all financial information from their partner. For example, if one spends more than you had agreed with your partner and you don’t reveal this information then that might be termed as financial cheating. Also if you find yourself spending money on something that you don’t want your partner to know about then that may also be termed as financial cheating.

Financial cheating starts small but it may lead to a great disagreement in the relationship.

Emotional cheating. It starts from the mind. You think about it create it in the mind then you start acting towards your imagination. It normally starts innocently for instance one may confide to a colleague, which may lead to long lunches.

Emotional cheating may not be easily detected because there might be no physical contact so most people may tend to overlook it. However, this might be the beginning of cheating that may lead to all other forms of cheating as thoughts can grow into action.

People who emotional cheat on their partners tend to withdraw some attention from their partner since there attention is divided at that point in time. Some people even go ahead lying they are fine but deep down are burning with emotion for their object of desire.

According to experts, women are more hurt by emotional cheating than men.  This is because women are considered to be more emotionally oriented than men.

Physical cheating this is having sex with another person other than your spouse.

Experts state that a high percentage of men are hurt to the core when their partner cheats on them physically.

Micro cheating. This may involve doing those ‘small’ acts that you would not like your partner to know about.

For example; deleting texts, emails, chats, pick a call away from your partner etc.

And yes, relationships do recover from cheating….it is all about dedication to rebuilding. Therefore, cheating should not always lead to a relationship breakup, it can actually be the much needed slap in the face.