UNHCR, donates 10 vehicles for police patrols in Dadaab refugee camp


The United Nations high commission for refugees (UNHCR) has donated 10 land rover vehicles to the national police service to be used in patrols within the Dadaab refugee camp in Garissa county.

Receiving the vehicles, North Eastern Regional Coordinator Ambassador, Mohamud Saleh, highlighted that a section of the refugees contributed to the insecurity in the region highlighting that the nature of the camps environment also contributed to the same. He acknowledged the stabilization that the North Eastern region has undergone in the past ten months affirming they were on top of the situation degrading and destabilizing the Al-shabaab terror Group.

Dadaab Camp is home to approximately refugees 400,000 refugees who come from neighboring countries majorly Somalia. The camp has been prone to attacks by criminals from around it and the initiative is aimed at enhancing peaceful coexistence between the refugees and host communities and ensuring peace and security for all.

The boost comes just a day after interior cabinet secretary Joseph Nkaiserry unveiled a state of the art police helicopter to intensify aerial surveillance and announced the procurement of new equipment to boost police response to crime.

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