Reasons behind selected public  universities students   opting  for Technical and Vocational Training  (TVET) courses were gradually unfolding.

Principal Keroka Technical and Training Institute ,Sammy Cheruyoit explained unlike universities,  students were assured of sponsorship from the national government and  devolved kitties.

Tailor-made courses offered at the institutes earned the trainees immediate industrial attachments and access to  jobs in the market  owing to the  prevailing demand, he added.

Cheruyoit observed   fees and admission vacancies   were  minimal in the institutes because of enhanced financial support from Higher Education Loan Board (HELP), National Government Constituency Development Fund(NGCDF),National Government Affirmative Action Fund(NGAAF) and County Governments Ward bursaries.

The shift in course preferences had boosted enrollment at  the institutes  prompting the managements to seek alternative means of making  provisions for the unexpected student upsurge.

According to the principal, his institution  with  a maximum capacity  of  4,000 students currently had an enrollment of 3,200 out of which  800  were first years.

After covid19 spike,the institute embraced virtual learning to prevent the virus’ spread through contagion where on-line business courses had  proved  to be  popular.