Warning to grand children

People should not take advantage of the elderly, the disabled and orphans, Athi River deputy county commissioner Geoffrey Omoding has said. He said some grandchildren harass their ageing grandparents when they receive the monthly cash transfers from government. “The money is for their personal effects, food and generally to improve their lives. It is not meant for school fees,” he said.

Omoding spoke in his office on Friday. He said orphans and the disabled get bursaries, cash from Uwezo and the Youth and Women’s funds.

Omoding said people should seek government help because there are lots of funds for the needy. He said the number of elderly people in the subcounty who get the cash has risen from 11 in 2013 to 700 this year.

Omoding said the government will expand the programme in the next financial year. He urged beneficiaries to invest some of the money in poultry and goats to generate income.

Omoding said the elderly should sign up for the free insurance programme supported by the World Bank.

“It is comprehensive care. Those without a medical plan should get the insurance,” he said. Omoding said there are plans to ensure the elderly receive their cash closer to where they stay.