Warrant of arrest issued against Dola

A warrant of arrest was issued on Tuesday by Nairobi Court on Tuesday against Moses Dola -a  journalist-after the failed to appear in court for the mention of a case involving the murder of his wife.

The law provides that anyone who has a criminal case in court against him must attend court proceedings during hearings and mentions.

Dola failure to attend prompted the judge to issue the warrant of arrest.

Moses Dola is facing murder of his wife, Wambui Kabiru, following the death of the wife in  2011.

When ruling a case to answer for Dola, Justice Korir said the prosecution had sufficient evidence for a full trial against Dola.

His failure to appear in court may have worsened the situation as the  journalist will be expected to defend himself before the court gives its final verdict.


Kabiru, who worked for a NTV was found dead by neighbors in the couple’s two-bedroom house in Umoja estate, Nairobi, in May 2011.


Dola is out on a cash bail of Ksh 500,000.